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When a flood does hit, it brings on a lot of stress and anxiety. We fear that our homes and the things we hold dear could get damaged. Flooding can also mess with a building’s foundation, cause electrical issues, and lead to nasty mold growth.

The challenges continue beyond there. After a flood, dealing with the repairs, replacing our valued belongings, and managing the high costs can be quite a headache. It’s a complex task that affects every part of our lives. In short, floods have made life in New York more complicated than we ever thought.
That’s where Exit Mold steps in. We’re here to simplify flood cleanup. Our team knows how to handle the hard work after a flood, so you don’t have to. We’ll take care of water removal and mold cleanup to give you peace of mind – no sales pressure. With Exit Mold, you can return to your daily life, assured that we’ve covered your flood cleanup needs.


Our cutting-edge flood cleanup services guarantee your property’s restoration and your loved ones’ well-being. With swift response times and reliable results, we offer peace of mind for homeowners and businesses affected by flooding.


Fast Response Time To Any Size Disaster

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Immediate Steps to Take When You Detect Flood in Your Home

Before we inspect your property in New York, it’s crucial to act swiftly to ensure your safety and minimize flood damage.

Assess the situation: Evaluate the extent of the flood and identify the affected areas in your home. Understanding the scope of the damage is the first step in efficient recovery.

Prioritize safety: Your well-being is paramount. Turn off the main power supply to avoid electrical hazards. If the flooding is severe, consider evacuating to a safer location until the situation is resolved.

Contact professionals: Reach out to experienced flood cleanup specialists like Exit Mold. Our team is dedicated to assisting you promptly. We offer comprehensive flood cleanup services to address water damage mold prevention and ensure your property is safe and habitable.

At Exit Mold, we understand the urgency of flood cleanup and recovery. Our skilled team is committed to prioritizing your safety and efficiently restoring your property to its pre-flood condition. Contact us for expert flood cleanup services that you can rely on.


HOW Flood Cleanup WORKS

XRF Lead Detection Exit Mold - Exit Mold

Assessment and

Our experts assess the flood damage, determine the type of water damage, and identify immediate priorities.

Analysis and Reporting on Lead Levels Exit Mold - Exit Mold

Water Removal
and Drying

We swiftly remove standing water, employ specialized equipment to eliminate moisture, and accelerate drying to prevent mold and structural issues.

Lead Abatement Solutions Exit mold - Exit Mold

Cleanup and Restoration

We thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas, replace damaged materials as necessary, and address mold concerns. We aim to restore your property to its safe, pre-flood condition.


Flooding So Common in New York?

Flooding in New York is expected due to a combination of geographical factors, including its coastal location and proximity to significant bodies of water like the Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River. New York is susceptible to storm surges, heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels, all contributing to frequent flooding. Additionally, its densely populated urban areas with extensive infrastructure can exacerbate the impact of flooding events. Climate change and the increased frequency of severe weather events also play a role in the prevalence of flooding in New York, making it crucial for residents and businesses to be prepared and for professional flood cleanup services like Exit Mold to be readily available for timely response and recovery.

Benefits of Flood Cleanup Services

There are several benefits to flood cleanup in New York. 


Property Restoration

Flood cleanup services help restore your property to its pre-flood condition. This includes removing water, drying structures, and replacing damaged materials, ensuring your home or business is safe and habitable again.

Mold Prevention

Prompt flood cleanup is essential for preventing mold growth, which can flourish in damp and water-damaged environments. Addressing the issue quickly reduces the risk of long-term mold-related health concerns and extensive remediation efforts.

Health and Safety

Flood cleanup promotes the health and safety of occupants. Removing contaminated water and sanitizing affected areas helps eliminate health hazards associated with exposure to contaminated water and mold.

Preservation of Belongings

Professional flood cleanup services can help salvage and restore valuable personal belongings and possessions that the floodwaters may have affected, reducing financial losses and sentimental value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exit Mold is available 24/7 for emergency flood cleanup services in New York. We understand that disasters can strike anytime, and our rapid response team is always ready to assist you.

We pride ourselves on our swift response times. Exit Mold typically responds to flood cleanup requests in New York within hours, ensuring the damage is minimized, and your property is restored as quickly as possible.

Absolutely. Exit Mold has extensive experience working with insurance companies to streamline the claims process for our clients. We will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure a smooth, hassle-free claims experience.

We offer competitive pricing for our flood cleanup services. Exit Mold provides free, no-obligation estimates, so you know exactly what to expect and can make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

Our certified and experienced technicians are highly skilled in flood damage restoration. They undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards, ensuring the best quality of service in New York.

Exit Mold utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology for cleanup and drying. Our equipment ensures thorough water extraction and efficient drying to prevent further damage.

Yes, mold remediation is an integral part of our flood cleanup process. We proactively prevent mold growth and ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Before our team arrives, please ensure your safety and turn off electricity to the affected areas if it is safe. Additionally, move valuable items to higher ground to prevent further damage. Exit Mold’s experienced team will handle the rest to minimize the impact of the flood.

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Exit Molds teams, based locally in NY, provide its services throughout New York’s Five Boroughs and surrounding areas.

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Brooklyn, New York

Queens, New York

Manhattan, New York

The Bronx, New York

Farmingdale, New York

Town of Hempstead, New York

North Hempstead, New York

Brookhaven, New York

Oyster Bay, New York

Babylon, New York

Huntington, New York

Smithtown, New York

Kismet, New York

Brentwood, New York

Freeport, New York

Woodmere, New York

Medford, New York

Manorville, New York

New York


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Mold Detection, Remediation, Prevention & removal.

Lead Services

A Combination Of Inspections, Remediation, & Violation Help.

XRF Lead Testing

XRF Testing Allows Us To Accurately Determine Lead Presence.

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Damage Restoration

Thorough Cleaning & Sanitizing. Structure Stabilization & Complete Repairs.

Water Damage
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Removal the excess water, repair the damage, and restore your home to its original condition

Flood Cleanup

Extracting the surplus water, repairing the aftermath, and reinstating your property to its initial state after a devastating flood.

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