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Choose Exit Mold for the best lead paint services in Woodmere, NY. We’re here for homes and businesses, providing reliable solutions you can always count on. 


Discover the heart of Woodmere, a cozy New York haven where history and modern life blend seamlessly. The mix of old-fashioned architectural wonders and contemporary designs paints a unique picture of time’s journey. Yet, underneath this beauty, a shared concern hides – the safety and health of the families that call Woodmere home.

A growing worry lurks in the heart of Woodmere’s warmth – lead paint. This concern hits close, especially for families with little ones. Paint that peels and the hidden danger of lead exposure over time create real alarms. The potential health problems tied to lead exposure, like development delays and thinking challenges, understandably worry parents and caregivers.

We are your steadfast partner dedicated to strengthening Woodmere’s homes and families. Our expertise lies in thorough lead paint solutions that go beyond looks. Our skilled team, who know all about lead dangers, handles each project with careful attention, following the best methods. Beyond removing paint, our goal is to give you power with knowledge and guidance, building a haven without lead worries. Contact us for more information about our services.


Choose Exit Mold for all-encompassing lead paint solutions. Our advanced tools and expert team ensure effective removal of lead-based paint hazards. We follow the best practices for safe and thorough paint elimination. Trust us to make your space safer for you and your loved ones.


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Before we inspect your property, there are a few important steps you should take to guarantee your safety.

  • Test the lead paint: The first step is to test the lead paint in your home. You can purchase a lead paint testing kit from a home improvement store and test the paint yourself. Follow the instructions carefully, and identify the areas where lead paint is located.

  •  Minimize your exposure to lead paint. Keep the area clean and dust-free, and consider temporarily relocating to a safer location until the lead paint is removed or contained.

  • Follow the advice of the professional lead paint services provider, who will guide you on how to minimize your exposure to lead paint and ensure that your home is safe for you and your family.

At Exit Mold, we provide prompt and reliable lead paint services to minimize the risks of lead exposure and ensure the safety of your property and family.


Lead Paint Services We Provide in Woodmere, New York


XRF Inspections

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Clearance Testing

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DOH Violations

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HPD Violations

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Lead Paint Services Popular in Woodmere ?

Lead paint services have gained immense popularity in Woodmere, New York, due to the growing awareness of the potential health risks posed by lead-based paint, particularly among families with young children. As the community values safety and well-being, there’s a heightened demand for comprehensive lead paint solutions to ensure the removal of hazards, creating a healthier and more secure living environment for residents and their loved ones.

Benefits of Lead Paint Services
in Woodmere, New York

There are several benefits to lead paint services in Woodmere, New York. 


Improved safety

Lead paint can harm human health, especially for children and pregnant women. Lead paint services can help identify and remove lead-based paint from buildings, improving the safety of those who live or work in them.

Healthier indoor air quality

Removing lead paint can also improve indoor air quality, reducing the risk of lead exposure and other pollutants.

Compliance with regulations

There are laws and regulations regarding lead paint in many areas. Lead paint services can help ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential legal and financial consequences.

Professional expertise

Lead paint services typically employ professionals with specialized training and equipment to remove and dispose of lead paint safely, ensuring the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Protection of property value

Lead paint can decrease the value of a property. Property owners can protect the value of their assets by removing lead paint and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Peace of mind

Knowing that a property is free of lead paint can give peace of mind to property owners, renters, and parents of young children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your home was built before 1978, it may contain lead paint. Exit Mold offers professional lead paint testing services to accurately assess the presence of lead-based paint on your property.

DIY lead paint removal can be dangerous due to the risk of lead exposure. Exit Mold’s certified professionals use advanced techniques, protective gear, and proper disposal methods to eliminate lead paint hazards safely.

If your home was built before 1978, it may contain lead paint. Exit Mold offers professional lead paint testing services to accurately assess the presence of lead-based paint on your property.

Yes, encapsulation is a suitable option. Exit Mold’s experts can assess the condition of the paint and recommend the most appropriate solution for your specific situation.

Both federal and state laws govern lead paint removal. Exit Mold is well-versed in these regulations and ensures full compliance throughout the abatement process.

The duration depends on factors such as the area’s size and the lead paint’s extent. Exit Mold strives for efficiency without compromising safety, providing accurate timelines for completion.

Lead paint exposure can lead to neurological and developmental issues, especially in children. Pregnant women are also at risk. Exit Mold’s lead paint abatement services prioritize the health and safety of your family.

Depending on the scope of the project, temporary relocation may be recommended. Exit Mold takes every precaution to minimize disruption while ensuring your safety.

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