What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

As a homeowner, sometimes you will encounter unexpected events that may lead to water damage within your home. When dealing with flood and water damage in your home, you’ll need to begin by calling a professional and figuring out a way to remove the water and repair some of the damages. So what is a water damage restoration service, and how can it help in these unprecedented times? Let’s discuss this below!

What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

When it comes to flood and water damage, a water damage restoration service consists of a team of professionals that will handle everything for you. Our professionals remove water, dry out the affected areas, and repair damages. However, suppose you’re looking for a quick and stress-free experience. In that case, our team at Exit Mold will provide a complete water damage restoration service to restore your home to its original condition.

6 Reasons Why Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Service is Necessary

When water damage is not managed accordingly, it can lead to extensive issues and long-term repairs. Therefore, hiring a team of professionals who specialize in providing a water damage restoration service to help you manage the water and any other damages to your home is crucial. Here are the reasons why scheduling a water damage restoration service is necessary.

1. A Water Damage Restoration Service Has Access to Exclusive Equipment

When a flood occurs, pools of water will seep into unwanted areas of your home. At Exit Mold, our team uses special equipment such as dehumidifiers and other types of drying equipment that will remove moisture. This kind of equipment is crucial to ridding moisture and preventing mold growth.

Our team of professionals has the equipment to perform your cleanup and restoration. In addition, contacting our water damage restoration service will save you significant money and time rather than purchasing equipment alone.

2. Prompt Response

When dealing with water damage, we know a prompt response is critical. The longer you have standing water in your home, the more damage you’ll get. Removing water from your home swiftly will lower the chances of dealing with mold.

Our water damage restoration team has the exclusive equipment to remove pools of water. Our professionals are trained and have the proper knowledge to deal with damage and respond quickly to restore your property. At Exit Mold, we respond to emergency scenarios to ensure your space is cleaned up promptly and efficiently. 

3. Mold Remediation

One of the major concerns when dealing with a flood in your home is mold growth. Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture, such as furniture, carpet, floors, or walls. The mold present can affect the air quality in your home, posing health risks to your family.

You should not remove mold alone, so contacting our team of experts is vital to schedule mold remediation. Our experts will guarantee that your home will be entirely mold-free using our specialized equipment.

4. Reduces Losses and Costs

While you may be anxious to take care of the mess yourself, attempting to deal with water damage alone may do more harm than good. Contacting our water damage restoration service will help you reduce your losses and costs. The sooner you get a professional, the better your chance of saving your belongings and other cherished items.

5. Licensed and Trained Professionals

Our professionals at Exit Mold are trained, certified, and have the proper skills to handle extensive water damage. We provide rapid and thorough service, have adequate and safe treatments, and guarantee the best service at a great price. In addition, we have years of experience in water damage and restoration to ensure your home is cleaned, thoroughly dried, and back to its original condition.

6. Assist With Insurance Claims

One of the reasons that hiring a water damage restoration service is necessary is because it relieves some of the stress when needing to file an insurance claim. Most companies will assist you in providing the proper documentation of the damage. When flooding occurs, you’ll want to document it immediately for insurance purposes and compensation.

In addition, if you run into a dispute with your insurance company, a water damage restoration service can back you up when providing proof of water damage.

Areas Maintained by a Water Damage Restoration Service

When developing your plan, various areas in your home may be impacted by water damage. These areas could include:


When a home has water damage, water may leak through your roof due to improper seals or damaged shingles. If this type of damage is ignored, water will leak inside your home and cause damage to the rest of the property.

At Exit Mold, our professionals will work with you to initiate a plan of action before we begin the water damage restoration process to prevent further damage.


When you have extensive water damage, water that enters through your ceiling from situations such as a leaking toilet or burst pipes can cause mold growth and your ceiling to sag. In situations where water has entered through your ceiling, you’ll want to schedule a mold remediation to stop and remove the mold to ensure your home stays safe and healthy.


When flooding has occurred from heavy rainfall, often you’ll notice your basement area is the first to flood. Basement flooding can also occur due to drainage problems which leave basements vulnerable to experiencing water damage. Our team can schedule your water damage restoration service to remove standing water and prevent sewer backups before they begin.


However flooding has occurred, another important area you’ll need to worry about is your drywall. In addition to ceilings, drywall is another area that will become a damp space when affected by water damage. If your drywall is damaged, you’ll need to inspect it for mold since this is one of the prime areas for mold growth.

Final Thoughts

When you trust our professionals and schedule your water damage restoration service, you can feel at ease knowing our team will handle the water damage efficiently. At Exit Mold, we take pride in providing the best service to quickly remove excess water, mitigate damage, and restore your home to its original state.

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