What Happens In The Fire Restoration Process?

Emotional Upheaval

FIRE! The word sends fear into the hearts of every property owner! Before even considering the physical destruction that fires bring, there is the fire restoration process of handling the emotional distress that comes with losing the safety and security of not just a house — but a home! 

The home with those irreplaceable photo albums holding the once-in-a-lifetime events such as births, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries, the documents attesting to the births, the graduations, merit awards, as well as legal documents such as deeds and insurance policies. 

When a home fire occurs, besides sorting through the charred rubble to salvage one’s cherished belongings, there also comes the inevitable sorting out of such emotions as shock, anger, depression, and confusion. Exit Mold, a family-owned, one-stop home restoration business, understands the emotional pain fire brings, and works diligently in the fire restoration process, to minimize this emotional trauma!

What Happens In The Fire Restoration Process

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It Only Takes A Spark . . .

A house fire need not be as devastating as the ‘famous’ fires of U.S. history. The Chicago Fire of October 1871 began in a barn southwest of Chicago, Illinois, and burned for 24 hours. The fire spread to the center of Chicago’s business district, killing 300 Chicago citizens and leaving one-third of the population of Chicago homeless. 

The San Francisco Fire of April 1906 began with an earthquake. Within a few hours, the city’s fire department was battling 52 fires in a time span of three days, resulting in 478 lives lost and $350,000,000 in property loss covering an area of 4.7 square miles!

Fire is always costly, even the ‘small’ house fires that do not destroy a house but bring damage through heat, smoke, soot, and water damage. Speed is of the essence to avert further damage brought on by rain entering the house structure and causing mold growth. A homeowner’s first contact during this time needs to be their home insurance adjuster, who will assess the damage and advise contacting a fire restoration firm as Exit Mold, with 25-plus years of experience in home restoration and renewal of homes and businesses ravaged by fire and smoke, flood and water, mold, as well as lead paint removal. Such is the start of the fire restoration process of business and residential property. 

What To Expect From Exit Mold, Fire Restoration Company?

Fire Damage Inspection

When the firefighters have deemed the home or business safe for entry, the restoration professionals of Exit Mold step in — assessing the fire, smoke, and soot damage the fiery flames have wrought, to develop a plan of action for restoring the home or business for safe occupancy.

Protecting Home

After the initial inspection, Exit Mold will secure the fire-damaged home with fencing set around the house, board-up walls, and windows, and provide a tarp for the damaged roof to prevent further damage by the weather elements. 

Water Removal And Drying

Dehumidifiers and huge fans (air movers) remove the remnants of water from the firefighters’ hoses and completely dry the house structure. 

Removing Of Soot and Smoke

Soot is defined as particle residue composed of varied types: dry smoke residue, wet smoke residue, petroleum-based residue, and protein residue. Soot is found on various surfaces after a fire and is best remediated by the professional technicians of Exit Mold, who use high-powered Hepa-filter vacuums and chemical cleaning solutions to remove soot and smoke odor from rugs, curtains, furnishings, walls and floors.

Cleaning And Sanitizing

The next step of the fire restoration process is clean-up and sanitizing, which is the most labor-intensive. Every square inch of the affected area is cleaned and deodorized to eliminate lingering smoke odor. Clean-up also includes duct cleaning to ensure the total removal of soot, smoke, and debris. Sanitizing with antimicrobial cleaning solutions after repairing water-damaged floors and walls is done to prevent mold growth.


The final step of the fire restoration process is the repair or replacement of windows, doors, wood floors, drywall, and the painting and varnishing of same  — along with the minor and major reconstruction of the house, which can include the installation of any carpeting and window treatments as property owner provides to us. The final result is the complete renewal of the home or business before the tragic fire!

Expected Duration Of The Fire Restoration Process

The answer to ‘how long does an experienced fire restoration firm need to restore a fire-damaged home?’ depends upon the extent of the damage. Minor damage can usually be restored in as little as three days, while significant home reconstruction can take up to one year. 

The critical factor that opens that new door to a newly restored home or business is choosing an experienced ‘turn-key’ home restoration firm, such as Exit Mold. ‘Turn-key’ refers to being a one-stop hub for all necessary restoration services: 

  • Fire and Smoke Repair
  • Flood and Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Lead Paint Testing and Remediation


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