5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

House and building fires can be devastating and cause financial stress for owners. Once a fire has engulfed your home, the next stop is to complete the fire damage restoration process to restore your home to its original condition. The cost of fire damage restoration can vary depending on the damage cleanup and circumstances in each situation.

As you continue reading, we’ll discuss how much fire damage restoration costs, five factors that affect the price, and why you should hire a professional restoration service to complete the job. 

Cost of Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

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How Much is the Cost of Fire Damage Repair and Restoration?

At Exit Mold, we understand that fires are devastating and unexpected. In the blink of an eye, your whole world can turn upside down. But, no matter how stressed you may feel after a fire, there are methods to restore your home to its original condition after a fire.

How much does fire damage repair and restoration cost? The cost of fire damage restoration depends on various factors and the extent of the damage: the more damage, the higher price.

While restoring your home, costs can increase with water damage and other additional cleanup. To avoid being blindsided by costs, we’ll cover the top five factors affecting fire damage repair and restoration costs. 

5 Top Factors That Affect the Cost of Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Below are the five top factors that affect the cost of fire damage repair and restoration

1. Smoke Cleanup

When you have smoke inside your home, this can cause pollution and other types of odors. These odors can make their way through your furniture and other materials, making them challenging to remove from fabrics. However, you can clean up smoke efficiently when you hire a professional.

At Exit Mold, we can break down and remove odors from the source and smoke from your fabrics and other home areas. The cost of smoke cleanup will vary depending on the amount of smoke damage and the size of the area. 

2. Soot Removal

After a house fire, soot ash can make its way into your walls, ceiling, and floors and permanently damage if left untreated. Removing soot can require more work and cost more, especially if it makes its way into all areas of your home. However, oily soot costs more to remove than dry soot because fast-burning materials cause it. 

3. Water Damage

When a fire occurs, the fire department will use water to extinguish the fire. However, extinguishing the fire can lead to more damage, such as wet ceilings, cabinets, water stains, and mold if not adequately dried out. To prevent creating extensive damage from mold growth, you may need water damage restoration.

The process of water damage restoration involves extracting water from the area and using a dehumidifier to try it out. Water damage restoration costs can vary depending on the extent of water damage and may increase if you also need mold remediation

4. Fire Restoration

When a house fire begins, it will burn anything and everything it touches while interacting with harmful chemicals. After a fire cleanup, professionals clean each room in your home, which can make it an intensive task depending on the size of the damage. However, returning your space and items to their original condition can help save you money on costs rather than buying new ones. 

5. Structural Damage

Since fires can damage anything that gets in its path, you may need to pay for drywall, furniture, and carpet repairs as you restore your home to its original condition. The more items you need to replace, expect the costs to increase. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Fire Damage Repair and Restoration 

Fires can leave extreme damage to homes and other buildings. While you may want to save money and restore your home independently, there are many benefits to hiring a fire damage restoration professional. 

Quicker Restoration

When hiring a professional, we have the extensive knowledge and equipment needed to perform structural repairs and can restore your home faster and correctly. 

Avoid Unnecessary Damage

When there’s a fire in your home, depending on the extent of the damage, it can make your home unstable. To minimize the risks, our professionals know the best approach to stabilize your home’s structure. 

Health and Safety

When you hire our fire damage repair and restoration professionals, we’ll make your health and safety their number one priority. Spending time in a home with fire damage can pose a significant health hazard because of smoke, chemicals, and other toxins. 


Finally, hiring our professionals can help save you more time when completing the insurance process, that can help you restore your home to its original condition. They may require our experts to perform the fire restoration process when going through insurance. When deciding to hire our professionals, this can make it less stressful when doing cleaning, repairs, and odor removal. 

Why You Should Choose Exit Mold for Your Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Services

When choosing Exit Mold for your fire damage repair and restoration services, you’ll receive a swift response to your call whenever you need it. Our experts take care of anything we can salvage in your home. We use some of the best tools and equipment to remove water, smoke, and other large debris quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need fire restoration or a top-to-bottom entire home clean, our team is here to help. Our professionals are committed to delivering the best results for both commercial and residential properties. With over twenty-five years of experience, we can restore your property to its original condition. 

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